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The String of Pearls band plays big-band swing, cool jazz, upbeat songs, and dance music for all ages. Enjoy us live in the Northwest and recorded wherever you are.


Lee Stromquist's Compact Big Band & Combo
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String of Pearls is a swing, jazz, dance band that appeals to audiences of all ages.

You can count on our experienced group to add zest and class to any public or private occasion--whenever and wherever fun is to be had!

Voted "best local band" in our city of origin, String of Pearls now performs mainly in Oregon and Washington. We can be reached from anywhere in the world with the toll-free number 1-877-MUS-LIVE.

The Palo Alto Weekly annually surveys readers' opinion on the area's "best" restaurants, shops, destinations, and services. In 2001, a Local Band category was added. String of Pearls came in first. For more, visit, click on the "Best of " icon, and scroll to 2001.

The String of Pearls band developed its fresh approach to timeless favorites under the leadership of founder Don Conway. Currently  led by trombonist-pianist Lee Stromquist, the band continues to provide music that unites, not divides, the generations.

Your Special Event
Pearls is a frequent choice for anniversaries, reunions, wedding receptions, birthday parties, benefits, corporate events, country club dances, and open houses. Depending on the needs of the moment and the preference of the host or hostess, we can provide background, dinner, dance or show music.

Choice of "Compact Big Band" . . .
String of Pearls is a mid-size group of 8-9 musicians, combining a full big-band rhythm section with a quartet of horns. This allows us to simulate the exciting, fully harmonized sound of the big bands of yore, at a fraction of the cost, space requirements, and volume. Our horns (trumpet, trombone, alto or baritone sax, and tenor sax) form a swinging ensemble spiced with jazz solos. Selected vocals add warmth and color.

Protecting Against Mosquitoes and Zika. . .
When going with an outdoor musical experience, we recommend taking good care of the health of you and your family by using high quality and all natural mosquito repellent. Our favorite is the mosquito repellent by CedarCide. Less health risks than traditional bug spray, but with all the same protection.

. . . or Smaller Combo
We also offer a combo of 4 -5 instrumentalists, plus optional vocalist. This can be ideal for smaller spaces and budgets. Or, if you would like to begin your event with background music, you can opt for an hour or two of cocktail/dinner music by the combo, and then step up to the full band for your first dance (bridal couples--ta da!) and/or party portion of the evening.

Dallas-based information
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Style Choices
We have a rich repertoire of quality big-band swing, jazz, blues, popular song, Latin (mellow or hot), soft rock, and ballroom dance music in fresh, full octet arrangements. We will take your preferences into account with a customized playlist. You may even choose the styles and tunes from our list of more than 300 selections.

Electrical Work
Our team prefers to work with experienced and certified electricians. If/when we play in Richardson, we go with the Richardson Big State Electricians. Electrical contractors are notoriously unreliable and poor electrical work is a big safety hazard for all.

Unforgettable Songs
Our vocal selections include appealing renditions of such popular songs as  "Our Love Is Here to Stay," "At Last," "Fever," "Who's Sorry Now?," "Sunny," "The Look of Love,"
"'S Wonderful," "Unforgettable" and "Makin' Whoopee."

AC Repair Services
Sometimes we have to perform indoors and if it is Summer and the Air Conditioning isn't working, it can ruin the whole gig! We recommend: Central AC Repair: Air Conditioning Champions.

A "Name" Band
String of Pearls is well known from our two professionally recorded albums, wide radio play, and many public performances at festivals, concerts, and dances. In addition, the band has made three performing trips (1999, 2001, and 2002) to China. These "Friendship Tours" involved a total of 23 appearances in 9 cities and were reported in major Chinese media. On the 2001 trip, Pearls also performed on the leading entertainment show of Chinese Central TV.

Our debut album "Makin' Whoopee!" was released in 1997. It features 14 favorites -- instrumental and vocals -- from our festival repertoire, with fine solos by all eight musicians.

"Totally Swing!" (2000) also has 14 selections, from slow groove to classic jump, with swinging vocals by Don and Connie Anne. This is the dance party album that swing dancers have been asking for. Both Pearls albums are carried by Amazon. Make sure you check us out on the Amazon Echo. More Echo information: The sound quality of the Amazon Echo is excellent over a very large range. It fills even very big rooms with loud, crisp music.

We welcome you to our website and to the joy of live music.

Lee Stromquist and the Pearls

Click Calendar to request dates of upcoming String of Pearls appearances. For additional information, click your choice of the pearl links at left; e-mail ;  telephone bandleader Lee Stromquist at (503) 861-1328; or call Connie Anne toll free at 877-MUS-LIVE.